View of Lost Creek Wilderness from Wisp Creek

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About me and my handmade jewelry boxes

All the handmade jewelry boxes on this site are made from solid wood. I use mahogany and walnut with various inlay options. If you are interested in a handmade jewelry box made with a different species of wood, just let me know. I mill all the stock down to size, and use only joinery and glue to fasten the parts. There are no mechanical fasteners of any kind used in the boxes - they are hinge-less. This video shows how the lid rests on a tapered rabbet and when pressed on the back, pops the front open allowing you to open the lid.

Also, this website has been custom built by myself. If you see something you like, don't like, is broken, needs updating, etc, please Contact me.

I would like to dedicate this site and the woodworking dream to a 'Mainer' whose woodworking passion was contagious, and whose simple pine bookshelf still stands in my daughter's bedroom. Thanks for reawakening an old passion, Mr. Squire.

Get busy and design a custom handmade jewelry box right now! Or - if you're not quite ready for that - see all handmade jewelry boxes in stock in our store.