Danish Modern Floating Nightstands

These handmade reproductions are designed after a mid-century Danish Modern design that I saw online. They are truly floating shelves and are intended to be bed-side, but I suppose they could be mounted in any room: near an entry door for your keys and mail for example.

I made them my own by adding a ‘pencil roll’ to the top edges and by using walnut – not typically a hardwood found in most Danish modern designs. Solid rosewood is pricey, and I do not like working with veneer. So while the design is truly Danish inspired, the result is something more local.

Preparing the stock below


My 5-minute shopmade taper jig just for the job:


Below is succession of photos showing how the ‘penicl roll’ detail was cut


Some photos below of the case work


The drawers slide on runners which are glued into grooves in the case sides.


Completed Stands